I’m back to write on this account. Let me tell you, I’ve been on Medium since I was in high school and while I’ve written a great amount of stories and articles on here, I’ve looked back and deleted every single one of them. I just cringed every time I read them again months or years later. From romance stories to emotion-filled personal essays, it was just too much to bear looking back at when I was in more sober states of mind. The works that I were proud of though, I took it off of Medium to use on assignments and to publish elsewhere, preventing any plagiarism that might happen—don’t blame me for using my resources.

But in some ways, I wish I had something to look back on. I journal every single (or other) day which is the same thing as record keeping but it’s been a long time since I’ve put my efforts into something artistic. Ah, the good old days when I used to write about exploring Berkeley, remembering my hometown, or drowning myself in sad love stories. It’s been almost a whole semester since I’ve dabbled in the art and have been starving for it. But hey, I did write a song if that counts for something.

If you haven’t figured out yet, I mostly write fiction and even spent last summer writing journalistic pieces. I’m an avid journaler and some times write down little letters to my imaginary pen-pals Jillian and Oscar. I write as if I’m writing to someone I care about, someone I have a personal relationship with, and as of late, these people haven’t heard from me in months. They wonder where I’m at, how I’m doing, are worried about me relapsing into the mess I was two or three years ago. Well, here I am. I’m back guys, and this time I’m going to spend as much time with you than I’ve ever had in my life. You’ll get sick of me, but I’ll never get sick of you. I’m going to tell you about my other fictional friends, gossip about them, get worried over them, listen to them and ask for your advice on how to go about their situations. I’m going to tell you about me, and I’ll tell you about the world that I live in. There’s so much to unpack in my absence.

So let’s dive in and create something new,